Brand New Kinda Me... relaunch countdown

After more than 6 months of hiatus, it's finally time I get my groove back on ! Been spending the last few weeks working on a brand new version of, which will eventually be launched in early April. But why would it take me that long, you'd ask ? Well, I had been waiting for that little spark, something uplifting and inspiring enough to give me the extra motivation needed to start writing again.

And then, it happened. Tonight, I've just seen Allen Stone perform in Paris (my first time seeing him live as I shamefully missed his previous stop in the city in December) and the uniqueness of that young man not only blew me away, but triggered that little thing in me that I simply couldn't find any longer. The urge of writing. Now I really, really need to sit and talk with the boy. He sure is special ! Hopefully, it will happen. In the meantime, let's watch the video for his latest single, "Sleep". Speaking of which, make sure you actually don't sleep on his selft-titled album, which has just been re-released through Decca/Universal Music.

More on Allen Stone on his official website

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